Why we focus on behavior change

NudgeLAB is an education program and marketing agency that focuses on inspiring behavior change. We believe that behavior change is has more potential to create a positive impact on the world than than attitude change.

It is easier to get someone to try something new than it is to change their attitude. We can see if you are willing to follow our lead by observing your actions. We can also see if we can inspire you to try something new, convince you to keep trying it because of a positive experience, and eventually turn it into a consistent behavior or even a habit.

We also believe that it is more encouraging to show someone that the alternative behavior is quite good and rewarding. This contrasts with trying to convince someone that their current behavior is bad, unsustainable, or unhealthy. We are not interested in marketing programs that play the guilt card. We are interested in programs that show people that there is a better way and make that way more easily accessible.

This originates from the belief that many people have a positive predisposition towards doing good for themselves, others, and the planet. They just don’t know how, or it is against their habits or culture. We can make it simple for them by showing them the alternative behavior. We signal where it is and how to find it, and let experience do the rest to change their habit. This is where tags and labels, can be helpful, making the alternative behavior more obvious and accessible.

Even if someone has a negative predisposition or attitude towards an alternative behavior, seeing others trying it can inspire them to give it a try. The positive experience can then help to change their negative attitude.

When we inspire someone to try something new, we are not just changing their behavior in the moment. We are also planting a seed in their mind that can grow into a new habit or even a new way of life. This can have a ripple effect that can impact the people around them, their community, and even the world.

A practical reason to focus on behavior change is that it is more directly measurable than attitude change. It is relatively easy to see whether someone has changed their behavior, such as by whether they have started exercising more or eating healthier. It is much more difficult to measure whether someone has changed their attitude, such as whether they now believe that exercise is important or that healthy eating is good for them.

We believe that inspiring behavior change is the key to a better future. Our students, representatives of a future generation and our future marketers, are well positioned to do so. We invite our students to dream big and reach for the stars. We want them to see the world as a place of possibility, where they make a difference to create a world that is healthier, more sustainable, and more just.

At the same time, we think it’s important to be realistic about our goals. By inspiring people to make small changes that add up to a big difference, our students and projects make the world a better place, one step at a time. We believe that it is a vision that is worth fighting for. We offer NudgeLAB to make it a reality.

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